11 Subtle Traits That Are Signs of Exceptional Intelligence

Hello! Today I will show you 11 Subtle Traits That Are Signs of Exceptional Intelligence

You know when someone’s lying to you
You just know when you’re about to be lied to and you don’t let that happen. You are also able to recognize people’s real intentions and desires.

You’re complete with yourself
Whether you’re in a relationship or not you feel complete with yourself. You don’t need someone else because you always maintain your own individuality and control your own life.

You can get messy
Messiness is another sign of intelligence because cleaning never struck you as something important while you are occupied with other salient tasks.

You’re honest with yourself
You don’t lie to yourself and you don’t make up fantasies that are not going to happen. Honesty is taken as a healthy sign of smartness.

You don’t wear your heart on your sleeve all the time
You believe in the importance of letting go and moving on instead of letting it get the best of you. You don’t like to surround yourself with negative vibes. That’s what bright minds do.

You’re methodical and make plans
Making plans is very important because you don’t want to finish your tasks in the last moments. You work analysing everything from every possible angle.

You enjoy lazing around
You’re not lazy, you just enjoy channeling your inner higher intelligence. The thinker prefer to solve the problem and then laze, while the active ones need activity to keep them going on.

You don’t dwell on the past
Even though you cherish the memories you don’t like living in them. You spend all your energy towards living in the present and planning the future you desire.

You Make A Lot Of Mistakes
Sometimes you make stupid mistakes but you are not ashamed of them. Instead you learn from them and make sure to not repeat them the next time.

You don’t ever feel the need to prove yourself
You don’t like to proclaim yourself as the smartest or impose your ideas on others claiming them as the best possible. You always stay humble.

Your fingers reveal your intelligence
According to a research, the ratio of your index finger to your ring finger provides evidence of your intelligence as well as your strength and activeness.